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Red House Ceramic Burner

Red House Ceramic Burner

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These ceramic house wax melt burners are super cute for the festive season! Simply lift the lids to add in your fragrance oil or wax melts, insert a lit tea light and wait for your scent to fill the air.

Plus you don't just have to use these little houses with fragrance, you could just use little LED tealight candles or battery operated fairy lights to light them up.

Burner Dimensions: T12cm x W10.5cm x D8.5cm. 

All of our wax melt burners are individually hand made and so there may be slight uneven surfaces or minor ripples as well as variations in height and weight and colour texture. None of this will affect the functionality of the burner and is completely normal in the production of individually made products.

Safety & Care Instructions

Simply place and light an unscented tea light in the bottom of the wax burner, coupled with your choice of wax melt placed in the top. Allow the wax to melt and the scent will fill the room. Once the tea light is lit inside the melter, please handle with care and only handle the base of the melter as the top of the vessel may become extremely hot!

  • Use 1 unscented 4 hour tea light only
  • Be careful not to overfill the burner
  • Keep away from children, pets, draughts & curtains etc.
  • Place on a heatproof surface
  • Never move a lit candle
  • Wait for burner to cool before moving
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